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Get faster! Grow stronger! Train smarter! Unlock your potential!

Whether you love playing basketball, baseball, football, soccer, or an individual sport, this program will help young athletes level up their game! Only available at the Prisma Health Family YMCA.



Meet Your Trainers!

Jordan Stambaugh

“I spent years working in Sports Performance at the University of South Carolina - three of those years with strength and conditioning and one-and-a-half with nutrition. I’ve gained a great knowledge in training a variety of athletes ranging from various sports, ranging from general strength and conditioning to sport specific training!”

Dylan Warren

“As a former competitive athlete myself, I have always enjoyed training athletes. I love the drive and determination it takes to be a success. I specifically enjoy training athletes in baseball, football soccer, and tennis."

Jake Smith

"I enjoy sports performance training because I love helping athletes unlock their full athletic potential and achieve physical achievements that they didn't think possible.  What's even better is watching those same athletes incorporate those skills into game situations and start to dominate at their sport."